the kid in you

We all still have it. You know, that kid inside. Being a grown-up is serious business. Being a parent adds tons more to that responsibility list. Sometimes “being” that grown up clouds that kid part that wants to have fun, but forgets; you know, because of all that stuff we have to worry about. One thing that kids do best is remind grown-ups that life doesn’t have to always lean to the serious side every second.

To lighten up. Laugh at silly stuff. Cuddle when you have an owie. Be spontaneous and skip if you feel like it. Bend at the “rules” sometimes and ask for dessert when its not the “correct” time; with heaven forbid sugar in it. Don’t sit on the bleachers, get under them and see what it looks like, or run out in the field and play, even if you have to kick off your shoes. Mess up your hair, get dirt under your nails, go barefoot, live in your clothes instead of worrying about keeping them clean. Ride a bike with the wind in your face. Lie on the floor. Run after seagulls. Swing on a swing. Take a bath.

The one thing that has blessed me most about living with children is the reminder that living a life is not about being burdened and cluttered with serious stuff. To stay young is to keep that kid inside alive. Go play with your kids. It will bring out the best in you.

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