Smelly Christmas

How do we capture memories? How do they imprint in our minds?

It is from our emotional connections. All memory has an emotion tagged along with it.

Emotions are triggered by our surroundings.

If you wish to hold on to memories the very best way is to involve your senses.

They are the glue. They are the catalyst to sensory experiences.

Strangely the most potent sense for human memory is…


Think about a smell you love. What do you remember from it? What is the emotion?

Smell has tremendous power. Did you know when you walk into Disneyland, the happiest place in the world, one of the first things that  you may not notice, but is lingering in the air, is delicious smells.

If you wish to create memories for yourself or your loved ones during Christmas, or any time of the year, create delicious aromas that your mind will attach to.

Have yourself a delicious smelly Christmas….

breakfast close up coffee coffee cup

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