Halloween Costume

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkins, parades, parties, and searching for a costume!

To some, its a nightmare. To others its a chance to be someone else. To most kids or kids at heart it’s just fun.

But what about the rest of the year. Are we really who we show we are or do we hide behind a costume, of sorts?

Electronics are perfect venues for costume wearers, I believe. We can pretend and portray whatever we want to be, not only at Halloween, but anytime. It’s creepy. But we don’t only pretend on screens, we pretend everyday with our families, our peers, or even ourselves. Many of us live a whole life wearing costumes, afraid to actually be who we authentically are. That person God made that there is only one of in the entire universe.

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, (sigh) I have to put on my mask again today.

Wearing a costume can be fun, but after awhile it gets annoying. The make-up smears, it usually doesn’t fit that great, the accessories get lost or cumbersome to keep a hold of, and often its sweaty and hot. Sometimes when you least expect it the hat or mask flies off or you step on your tail. Those things never stay perfect and you always are pinning again, remake-up-ing, or hair-spraying it right.

Costumes can be a novelty and make great photos, but truthfully when we take them off and be who we truly are, we may find that person to be pretty special.

Hiding behind a costume can be pretty showy, I’ll agree. You get the attention for sure.

It takes courage to live life without a costume on and be real.



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