Nothing better…

Oh heavens, lets talk of something happy after the last post!

Let’s talk about food; surprise food.

I’m not talking about yum or yuk ingredients that surprise you.

I’m talking about being surprised by someone giving you… food.

Here’s an example: My family and I were hiking up a steep waterfall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We were blazing a slippery trail feeling proud of ourselves and loved feeling alone with nature when we came across an entire family (uncles, aunts, grandparents, kids…) sitting on a few big boulders, in the middle of nowhere, eating a picnic that someone prepared, wrapped, and hauled out to this random secluded spot. It smelled delicious. My brother, who’s a bit snoopy, asked them what they were eating. Ceviche! And they insisted, right then, that we join them, passing food to us. Instead of being too focused on our hike, feeling odd about the strange moment, or thinking we would be intruding–  we actually ate, shared, laughed and were filled.

It was surprise food in it’s purest form.

It was fun.

It was delicious!

It was…


Food can be that way, you know.

Surprise food has magic ingredients. It’s been known to not only replenish the body, but feed the soul.

The other night, I came home late and I was tired. I opened the refrigerator, famished, and there on a shelf was little white cartons of  “surprise food.”

I have been the recipient and giver of doorbell ditched treats, neighborly surprise dinners, paying for people behind Barista lines, or drive-through’s all as a part of “surprise foods.”

Ahhhhh. Food is good, but there is nothing as good as surprise food! It not only tastes delicious, it makes you happy.

Go pass some out.

You’ll see…

soldier giving food


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