Mom’s shake the earth

For all the vomiting. For all the body rearranging, for pain both physical, emotional, and mental… undescribed. For clothes that smell like sour milk. For giving up high heals to sit on the floor or quaffed nails from washing your hands incessantly. For nights never slept through and being so tired you were numb. For being okay with pooping sounds, burping sounds, whining, crabbing, complaining, being shunned, doors slammed, the “silent treatment, squabbles, or coos, giggles, laughter, snuggles, the word “mom” called out in night terrors, or waving at a Halloween parade. For fevers, stitches, driving to and from and then driving to and from again.  For folding clothes late into the night, looking for costumes, pulling apart sports paraphernalia to go in the wash, ironing a prom dress crease. For meal after meal after meal and school lunches. For packing for vacations and then recovering from vacations. For art work and letters and report cards and open houses. For the latest toy, another story read, looking for the lost bunny, french fries stuck in the seats of your van you swore you would never buy. For drums shaking the house, music lessons, life-guarding at the pool, beach, lake, friends house, for chores, messes, strange smells, shoes at the door, pants that have been outgrown. For family photos, recitals, sports events, miles stone events, tears of sadness, tears of joy…there is nothing in this world that could ever replace or come close to the blessing and gift of becoming and growing as a mother.

It is a position that cannot be replaced by anything else. Not even close. You can bask in achievements, hold prestigious positions, have lots of titles before or after your name. You can be the guest speaker or attend famous universities, conventions, seminars or even travel to space. You could discover inventions that will change mankind or shake and move the world through politics . You could make all the money in the world. But there is nothing more important, nothing as significant, nothing as precious as being a mother.

Do you know why? Because you are a maker of a human being. There is nothing more important in the whole world. It begins with the heart and continues in love. That is the biggest achievement on earth. No one would be here without you. Everything happens with you at the beginning and hopefully along the whole journey of life. YOU ARE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT PERSON TO THE EARTH. NO WONDER THEY REFER TO EARTH AS MOTHER…It is you that is honored. It is you we run to…


I love you mom. You have always been there…

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