I Stand and Clap

We’ve all seen, or been in one of those school or church plays where there is a small part when someone taps across the stage, holds up something, stands like a tree, or sings one high note. It is the one-second-moment to shine and there is usually a parent waiting for the moment to click a photo or give out a yelp and clap.

I think blossoms and spring flowers are those one-second-part performers in the spring play. They don’t get to shine long. But their contribution to the performance is crucial.

I am the one in the spring play audience that holds my camera, stands with a yelp and claps. I blow kisses and say gratitude prayers. I tell the performers how beautiful they are and thank them. Because they are not on earth long…




IMG_5870 (1)


Yey, whooooo-hoooo, You are amazing!! Thank you! Love you…clap clap clap…

“The spring came suddenly, bursting upon the world as a child bursts into a room with a laugh and a shout and hands full of flowers.–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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