Countdown to Easter

I’m a Christian. I celebrate Easter. A few years ago I decided to read the count down of Jesus’ life in His last week to make Easter more special.  I do it every year now. I also love to read in the Bible about the incredible Passover story because it was Passover week when Jesus came to Jerusalem to live his last days. I have even bought foods in honor of the Passover.

If you would enjoy reading a few scriptures a day to countdown to  Easter here are just a few referenced from the King James Version of the Bible:

Sunday:  Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey. (Matthew 21:12-16) (Mark 11:1-10)

Monday: Temple Cleansing ( Matthew 21:23) (Mark 11: 15-19)

Wednesday: Teaching parables (Matthew 24-25)

Thursday: The Passover and the suffering for our sins (Matthew 26) (Exodus 12) (John 13: 1-7) (Mark 14: 1-11)

Friday: Death (Matthew 27: 1-61) (John 19) (Luke 23) (Mark 15: 16-47)

Saturday: The tomb (Matthew 2:62-66) (John 20:1-18) (Luke 24: 1-12)

Sunday: Jesus Christ Resurrected on Easter morning! (Matthew 28:1-10) (Mark 16: 1-8)

I am so grateful for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John who recorded the most important event in all of earth’s history so we could know what happened. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

King James Version (Bible)

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