The Big Jerk

I listen way too often to my inner critic! That constant inner voice whispering in our minds over and over and over again that we are not good enough, smart enough, cute enough, strong enough, healthy enough, young enough, rich enough, or kind enough… That someone will find out we are impostors and it will be broadcasted on the screens on Time Square with “loser” arrows pointing to our silly expressions. It’s that inner voice that makes us jealous as we scan social media, feel stuck, unmotivated, or worry we will fail. That big jerk that tells us to stop what we love because it knows if we do, we probably will turn out to be magnificent.

I am loving Danielle Krysa’s book Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk (and Other Truths about being Creative) with Martha Rich’s illustrated Donkey on the cover.

The book asks to discover who “the jerk” is. Put a voice or person to your inner critic. Is it a school teacher? A neighbor? A sibling? A parent? A so-called friend? Someone you admired? Is is many voices?

Ask yourself why do you listen?

I love it when Krysa asks, would you ever tell the things you hear from “the jerk,” to another person?

Of course not.

So why do we listen and allow it to stop us?

The whispers that stop you from your dreams is a big jerk.


So label it as such and push past.

Easier said than done!

(…shhhh I hear something. Oh, it says, I’m not a jerk, you are and don’t push publish, you silly fool!)

Krysa, Danielle. (2016). Your Inner Critic is a Jerk. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books.
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