Where can we get some Christmas spirit?

Have you felt the Christmas spirit this year, yet?

Don’t you wish we could go to Costco and buy some Christmas spirit in the freezer section (North Pole) and put it the microwave until it gets toasty and warm and then drink it up and we would feel that warm glow of Christmas.

Or, we could Google up Amazon and order it to be delivered (free shipping) to our house in a day and it will be on our porch waiting for us in a brown box with a smile printed on it, to unwrap and put on for the season. And we would feel warm and happy.

How about this idea…

Get out your phone.

Find your flashlight button and turn it on.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could push this “light” button that we carry around with us everywhere we go, and when we need Christmas spirit we shine it out, only a touch away. It’s always with us…

I’m choosing that one as the best idea yet.

But it doesn’t work like that does it.

Christmas spirit comes with some sort of feeling…of warmth, and participation right?

It comes naturally for kids, but for adults it ebbs and flows; up and down..or not at all.

The Christmas spirit is one thing we can’t order or buy, dang it.

So how do you get Christmas spirit?

I am going to tell you.

We have to want it.

We have to come to the big huge wonderful virtual Christmas door…

and we have to open it.

The key word is “COME.”

When you open that door, there will be a flood of senses which make you “FEEL” things. Your senses are intensely magnified. FEELING is a piece of Christmas spirit.

Do you know why we are distracted so much? It keeps us from “feeling.”

When you walk inside that Christmas Door you are choosing to be a participant of Christmas.

Here is how it works:

I am going to read a part of true story written by a man named Michael Drury which is called Christmas has a secret.


Outside a village church in Switzerland one cold winter night, a tired man waited for the evening service to begin. He had come a long way, and the church was dark. He began to wonder if any service was planned–despite the ringing of the bells that had lured him there.


But then through the forest he saw pinpricks of light bobbing and moving toward him. The congregation was assembling, each group carrying its own lighted lantern. After a few had arrived, the weary man followed them and sank down on a pew in the shadowy church. As more and more people came, each hanging his lantern on an iron hook in the wall, the shadows retreated and the church began to glow with light.


After the service the traveler stopped to ask the pastor about this unique method of illuminating the church.


“But it is the only means we have, monsieur,” the clergyman replied. “In the fifteen hundreds when many of these churches were built, it was too costly for the church to supply candles. It was usual for each family to carry a lantern. Our church has chosen to carry on the old custom. if someone does not come, we all feel it. The church is darker by one lantern.” He paused and looked sharply at the visitor. then he added, “We are called the Church of the Lighted Lamps.”


The traveler thanked his host and went away, knowing at last what he must to do to regain his joy in living. He had to light and carry his own lamp.


Those iron hooks can still be seen in the walls of the church in Switzerland…

(Mr. Drury goes on to say:)

Christmas is good only because we make it good–for no other reason. That is part of its message.  It is up to us.

It may sound absurd to say that anything so public as Christmas has a secret, but it does and this is it–the necessity to light your own lantern in the darkness. The customs must be kept guarded, cared for if Christmas is to take on life for us. The elements are there, but they must be given the breath of life–your life, not someone else’s. Your breath is what does it. (Unquote)

That is hard sometimes.

But it is the only way…


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  1. Daniel Edwards says:

    Very cool post today!

    Also, saw your note about the collage and I’ll take a look tomorrow AM.

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