Mental Sunshine feels good…

Do you feel…




Out of energy?

Nervous for no particular reason?

Stress and depression give us “tunnel vision.” We sit in our challenges and spiral even deeper as our focus stays on the negative feelings. “We can get overtaken by a heavy, dark, feeling of despair.” But there is something that we can do to beat this, without the use of prescription medications.

It is simple. It is gratitude. “When we experience a sense of gratitude, we give ourselves a dose of mental sunshine.” Suddenly our focus shifts to what is right, not what is wrong. This gives us more options to experience our day. It gives us the ability to look outward instead of only inward.

Tom, a highly successful business man who was the best at everything he tried never felt happy. He finally went to a therapist. He did not want to take the prescription called Prozac that other depressed patients often were prescribed.  His therapist gave him a pill-free option and told him to try it for one month. Before work he was to ask himself, “What do I feel grateful for about myself? This reminded himself of his resources, strengths, and talents. Then, at the end of the day, he was to finish work by asking, “What did I do today, that I feel good about.” He discovered “Gratitude is a natural upper.”

When you feel blue, make a short mental gratitude list. Tell someone how thankful you are for them, give someone that serves you a treat, walk in nature and thank God for your senses, the list goes on…

The remarkable thing about this is it is free and it works

Mental Sunshine feels good…

(Stories and thoughts paraphrased by the book Attitudes of Gratitude by M.J. Ryan. Pages 17-18)

Ryan, M.J. (1999). Attitudes of Gratitude. Berkeley, CA: Conari Press.


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