here and there


I am a California girl; born and raised. It’s in my blood.

But until I moved to New England, did I learn how to truly celebrate the seasons.

Fall in California you never carve your pumpkin until the night of Halloween because it will get moldy. That’s a given.

Fall in New England you begin putting out pumpkins and Mums EVERYWHERE the minute the humid air turns fresh and dry. It is like heaving a heavy sigh the humid summer is over.

In California you rarely leave out lots of pumpkins or holiday decorations for a long period of time. When the holiday is over, it is done–clean up, move on. If you do your neighbors start to stare at your house and whisper.

In New England no one touches anyone’s pumpkins or holiday displays. They are left on rock fences, on entries of shops, homes, schools, post offices,…everywhere…until the next holiday replaces them… for a long long time savoring the season like a pot of warm soup.


In California the leaves change, the blossoms come, and there is a slight difference in the air but fall, winter, spring…they all sort of interweave and feel sort of the same. The weather is glorious.

In New England every single season comes in with a shout, exclaiming “I AM HERE!…” for several months, and then gets pushed aside for the next season’s turn.

It is a big production! People take notice; hunker down and celebrate collectively.


They celebrate every single detail…


My eyes see much better now.

I celebrate along with them.

Seasons make me feel joyful and blessed.



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