Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by the sheer beauty of a tree. I found one on a cool spring morning sitting on the top of a hill watching over rows of mischievous tiny crab-apple fairy trees enveloped in a yellow daffodil field.

She took my breath away. I would visit the spot most every week if not everyday during my walks, mostly to visit her. Other people and animals took in her majesty too. She was sat under. She was climbed in–her limbs were low to the ground and three-man thick. She was tattooed on with carvings of names, hearts encircling initials, and messages. Her branches spread out in a huge mushroom dome like a glorious hug. She had been the focal point for pictures even though you could not squeeze her enormous size into the photo frame. She was privy to secret conversations by lovers, visited by birds, stood as a focal point of sturdy goodness and beauty each year as the seasons passed time at least 300+ years. I called her Queen.

It was walking time this morning. It was 39 degrees and I was not excited to go out. My voice inside told me I must go to the trees. I bundled and drove to the place where Queen watched over the silly crab-apple fairy trees. When I arrived I burst into tears. On top of the hill where Queen reached out her limbs to welcome me was a precious icon completely broken. Queen was split in half.


I had to honor her long, beautiful, giving life.


Thank you dear Queen


You shall be greatly missed by, Oh so many…

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