More cake please!

Mom’s are lucky. They get to have more than one birthdays.

Have you ever watched the series on television called  Long Lost Family? Mothers or Fathers and their grown children are searching for each other, who have been separated at  birth. (Bring your tissues if you are going to watch).

When the mother and child are reunited one of the things the mothers usually always refer to is the child’s birthday, as she holds on to a worn picture she has carried her whole life to tangibly hold on to her baby and remind her of that day. She usually says, paraphrasing,  “I thought of  you every single day but on your birth day was when I celebrated your life.

People do not realize that when they have their birthday, their mother, who also was there that day, gets that birthday for herself, too. The focus for birthday’s is on the gift (baby), but the giver (mamma) sits back quietly–rejoicing. Everyone is celebrating the growing person every year on birthdays. But the mother is celebrating the gift of becoming a mother AND the gift of her precious baby.

I always loved that my dad understood this tenderly. He would send flowers to his mother on HIS birthday every year.

It doesn’t go away mom’s. If you birthed a baby or two…You get to have all those birthdays for your own. Happy Birthday Mammas.

Have another slice of cake for yourself…you deserve to celebrate such a gift!


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