Frustration Power

Yesterday it took me four and a half hours to get to and from the airport. It is 48 miles away. You would have thought leaving at 6:15 would have been smooth sailing, but I was re-routed several times due to a flood the night before and a whole freeway closed. It is tricky when about 7 trillion other people have been re-routed also and there are local roads and bridges that we are all trying to get to in order to get to our destinations.

If you have ever been stuck in traffic (already three hours in) it is the time you wish you had a monster truck and you would simply drive over the entire line-up of cars until you get to the front of the traffic line when you can push on the gas and gun it leaving everyone in the dust while holding your fist out your window and cranking up the radio.

(yep, that would do)

Monster Truck

It was that very moment that I thought how many people right here around me at this moment feel frustration to the extreme. (Thousands give or take a little) I looked over at the guy next to me who stared into the oblivion of red break lights ahead, neither of us moving with a very long way to go.

Think of all that energy pent up right here all around me! Wouldn’t it be great if we could blow frustration power into a container of sort and use the energy to charge our phone or fuel that monster truck or energize a whole city. (Just like scare and laughing power did for Monsters Inc.)  Frustration would not have to sit inside our gut and churn while we snarl and grind our teeth and white knuckle our steering wheels; and  yell at “those darn” people who cut in from the side when I just did it four seconds behind.

Thankfully frustration in a car is fleeting. The line up starts moving, the speedometer rises, the lanes ahead open up, and once again we are singing the “Happy” song.

But not always does frustration power get released. It stays stuck inside and it churns; sometimes for years. What powerful energy fueling turmoil inside of us. This has got to be transformed into something much more beneficial, right? Think of all that wasted power and energy.

…Just my mind wandering  in traffic so I would not go completely mad.


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