Winding Down

Summer reminds me of those wind up toys.

The season begins by turning our white handled “winders” until they won’t turn any more and then we’re off–energized and strong…

but gradually move a bit slower and slower mid season only to come to a complete stop mid-motion by the end.


The beach towels start to fade. There is extra sand or dirt or french fry carcasses left in the car cracks. The summer showers don’t feel refreshing, they just feel wet. No one will eat the other half of the water melon. And the late night bedtime routines feel really late.

It is the only season, to me which begins and ends with such clarity. Carefree attitudes wait all year to be set free in summertime only to seek routine and schedules back again once fall returns.

I wait for summer all year. There are only a few weeks left. For some, school has already begun. Fall has begun it’s whispers and nudges with an occasional fresh breeze and the evenings are getting dimmer.

But I am still moving along strong in my wind up. I will push the gears and springs to the limit refusing to let go and stop mid step. Summer is worth the push to the bitter end.

You get to keep the memories forever.

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