Eat Dill Pickles

Don’t throw away pickle jars.

Here is what you can do with them…

  • Bug hotels (be sure to place some plant food and some sticks or items to crawl on)  You can cover the top of the jar with old screen and a rubber band or use foil and poke small holes.  Remember to let your bug go after a short time so he won’t feel too sad to be away from his friends and family.
  • “Lightening in a jar”:  Catch fireflies if you are lucky to live in the Northeast or make one up by putting battery lights in the jar and turn off the light. Lightening bugs!
  • Collection holder for the summer…bottle caps, penny’s, beautiful rocks, shells, ticket stubs, petals, leaves, ribbons, buttons, feathers….
  • Boredom Jar: Place in the jar chores around the house with a payment on the paper.  If they complain they are bored, then go have them take a paper from the jar and do it..of course they get paid for the job.  Example:  10 cents  Take out the bathroom trash. OR:  put ideas in the jar, so when they can’t think of anything to do, you can refer them to “the jar!” Or use it for an idea jar to do projects or read stories.
  • Begin your Christmas Jar: All the change you find, or have in your pockets or purses at the end of the day go in the Christmas jar.  One day at Christmas time you give the whole coin jar to someone who looks like they need it.
  • Grow a plant in your jar/ put worms under the earth and see if you can watch them
  • Make it into a luminary. Glue with white glue and a little water torn colored tissue paper on the outside of the jar.  Place a candle inside in the evening and see the pretty colors glow through.  You can wrap wire around the tops of the jars and hang the jars if you have a place outside to hold the wire.
  • Make butter: Put real cream inside the washed out jar and shake and shake and shake until the butter gets thick.  Add some honey and you have homemade honey butter.
  • Use your jar as a “compliment”family jar. Leave pieces of paper near the jar and allow your family to write things to put in the jar about something nice a family member does.
  • Penny cleaner: Mix salt and vinegar together.  This makes hydrochloric acid.  Drop pennies inside or use a cotton swab to clean off the pennies.
  • A joke or thought for the day…write them out and read them before bed…laugh together
  • Go to the dump. It is really fun for kids.  Take all your jars you save and throw them in the big container that recycles jars….or take them to a recycling center at the grocery story and get change.
  • Use your jar for water when you paint all those amazing pictures with your children
  • Rainbow Sand: color sand, salt, or white corn meal with powdered tempera paint in plastic bags.  Now you can pour layers of colored sand into your jar to make a beautiful art piece to display.
  • Use your jar as a vase for the beautiful wild flowers you pick on your walks
  • Drink from them with a fun straw
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