Stepping In

Today is my birthday and I am leaving behind a decade to begin a new.

Change has always been difficult for me.

Today feels symbolic because the decade I am leaving was the most difficult ten years of my entire life.

While in it, all I wanted most was to run away!

Yet today I feel frightened to go.

I created my own private ceremony to say good-bye.

I knew exactly where.

First to count so many delicious blessings that surprised me through all the tribulations.

It feels holy inside my willow fort…so first I enter there.


Then on with my secret ceremony.


There it is–the symbolic gateway to a new time.


As I get closer I hesitate, holding on to what I know.


I don’t want to go forward.

I feel frightened of the unknown.

But I do not have a choice…


I heave a heavy sigh.

Good-bye ten years.

Then step through…where a new story is waiting to happen.

Happy Birthday Jen.



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3 Responses to Stepping In

  1. Katie robison says:

    It’ll be a great 10 years.

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