wonder-full firsts

Isn’t it great that no matter how old you become

you never get too old to experience

a first time for something.

I just returned from a trip to British Columbia, Canada.

  • It was my first time being in a place where cars and even big trucks slam on their breaks for a pedestrian at a crosswalk.
  • It was my first time walking across a wriggly ropes bridge with a gorge and rushing river below.
  • It was my first time meeting people who actually lived off the land and heated their homes with a wood burning stove in -40 C.; wood they chopped from their land.
  • It was my first time watching the sunset on Vancouver Island looking out at many tufts of smaller evergreen Islands dotting the Pacific ocean.
  • It was my first time near skies where bald eagles flew freely and salmon runs brought BIG animals to feast upon. (Like Grizzly Bears)
  • It was my first time to go on a relaxing bike ride and see carved Totem Poles, the ocean, and Vancouver’s skyline.
  • It was my first time to see timber rafts from logged trees floating down a river to be prepared for use.
  • It was my first time to hug my youngest son after not seeing him for two long years while he lived in different areas in Canada from Terrace to Nanaimo, to Burnaby, to Vanderhoof…

Trips remind us that there are so many “firsts-times” just waiting for us to discover. I guess we really don’t even need to travel to have them. They happen every single day.

Wonder-full firsts!

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