When you think of home what do you taste?

When you think of home what do you hear?

When you think of home what do you smell?

When you think of home what do you see?

When you think of home what do you touch?

When you think of your childhood home what comes to your mind?

 Is it with mom? Is it on a porch? Is it with dad? Is it grandmas house? Is it an actual address? Who is there with you? What are you doing? How old are you? Is it a happy time?

What feelings are evoked in your heart when you think of the word home?

Margaret Hamilton, the actress who played the witch on the Wizard of Oz recounts in a commentary: “We never lose it. [that feeling of wanting to go home] We go back to it in our minds. It is a special thing and we often ask ourselves why does it touch me so deeply. Because it is eternal. Home is the people who live there, a place we are striving for. We reach inside for home. Every time someone watches this film it touches them every time… A great lesson in humanity that this picture can give to the world…”There’s no place like home.” That is why the Wizard of Oz has lasted over the generations.”

I believe this.

Do you believe that our inward compass toward home is spiritual?

Home is where our stories begin and I believe where they will end. The in-between part to cultivate “home” inside our souls and with the people we love is really up to us.

But home sure can makes the in-between part; the journey way more fun.

There is no place like home.



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