Don’t hire me to paint!

There it is. The paint can.

I don’t know what it is but I am in love with snapping off the lid of a paint can with that thick creamy substance inside that has the ability to completely transform a space. It looks good enough to dip a spoon in and lick but that would not be good…

I love paint in all forms. Sometimes, I get creative longings inside, and I need to go where paint and color dwell; Home Depot, Michael’s, Art stores, specialty stores with beautiful paint choices and designs like Anthropolgie, and even Toys R Us. I love to look at paint’s colors. I love to feel the transformation of color to moods. I love to dip things in paint; drip it, splash it, rub it on things, roll it, brush it with all different size and kinds of brushes and I love different surfaces to do it on. Paint spells F U N!

Along with that infatuation I am in love with my clothes that I paint in. I’m like a puppy dog when an owner picks up a leash for a fun walk, when I put on those “it’s okay to get dirty duds.” I feel like jumping around in a circle because I know when those clothes go on I give myself permission to paint.

Painting to me is an experience I immerse in. I pass into a deeper realm of art-ing when I begin to do it.


when I paint “serious.”

When I have to paint a wall that has to look faultless painting becomes like labor pains. I forget how much I hate it until it’s too late to get out of it!

My problem is in that delicious world of paint I prance so happily in that dreamy luscious whipped cream or dollop of paint , I forget reality and always start to paint walls… and then I remember how un-fun this is.

I highly recommend for all you DIY-er’s, who hate to paint but love to PAINT read Karen Beaumont’s  picture book, illustrated by the funny David Catrow called I Ain’t Gonna Paint  No More. It’s a self portrait of the free spirit painter who should definitely never become a house painter for hire; like me.

I’m now off to scrape the floor of the paint drips from my latest house project, (Yes, I did put plastic around!!!), after I take off the tape that has stuck to the walls and torn off the wall board paper, and then off to the dump to drop the white area carpet after tipping the gray primer up-side-down, under the ladder, all over my shoes and all over the white carpet… (I only cried for 45 minutes while scrubbing uselessly!!) No matter what any product sells, it does not come out and dries a crusty shade of dingy and corpse stiff.

But I am still wearing the clothes and have  joy in my creative-heart and that hardened drip in my eyebrow as I hammer that round metal lid back on to say good-bye while I repeat…

“I ain’t gonna paint no more!”

Then go soak in a long bath.

Until I forget and do it all over again…

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