January Blahs

The temperatures finally dropped and winter showed up.

Everything is blanketed in snow and ice and it’s burrrrrrr.

Our house smells like we had a campfire inside every room; not a great draft up that old chimney.

I have layers on…even in our drafty house. I usually wear my boys hoodies they left, just because I like to. No way am I giving them away…!


I don’t always dwell here during these cold, hibernating months of winter.

I skip off in my head to my happy place with my happy people during happy times of day…

This time it’s dusk at this perfect lake.

This place takes the edge off of life…

These boys; always fun…

I feel the cool sand through my toes, the smell of pines, the nip to the summer evening air.


Summer is sleeping where I live.

But it’s always awake in my dreams.




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