“I want it NOW…”

Varuca Salt

Varuca Salt’s, a character in Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, finds a golden ticket and will be one of the chosen six to enter into the secret walls of the infamous candy maker, Willy Wonka. She makes it quite clear to her father that she is going to get one of those tickets by declaring, “Daddy I want a golden ticket, I want a golden ticket, NOW!” And her father proceeds to buy cases upon cases of chocolates and has his factory workers work night and day so he can honor the wish of his precious child. And she got what she wanted by demanding what she feels she deserves.

Is not this the advice of the world today? To make demands?

Do we also demand blessings from God with a list, expecting him to have his factory angels work night and day to honor the wishes of His precious child and get us our golden ticket?

This is the month when we dedicate time to reflect on our blessings. But I wonder if we are spending more time demanding blessings because we feel entitled to them rather than seeking them humbly or even taking a moment to notice the ones we already have in abundance?

Look in the mirror?

Do you see Varuca staring back at you?

If you do, at least notice you have a mirror…

Thank you God.

I am grateful…

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