Can air feel familiar?

Can the earth in certain places or energy felt there feel so comfy and recognizable that your insides innately seek that homing-pigeon flight…to there; even if only in your heart.

What is it that makes a place stir a feeling inside that feels just right that you know you are home. It is different for every human but there are places on this earth that give us roots and stability.

It could be a flat in Harlem, NY where the smells or sounds bring that ‘my-people’ feeling back. It could be a ranch in the middle of Wyoming where God paints the sunsets and the smell of the earth fills up the fibers of your soul. It could be in a small suburban neighborhood where mom’s used to stay at home and kids would run in and out of neighbor’s houses, barefoot and carefree. It could be an annual vacation spot that brings up fond memories of childhood. But no matter where, every human longs for that place called home.

I recently heard a discussion from the children of the actors of the show, The Wizard of Oz. The underlying reason that the show was a huge hit was the message “There’s no place like home.” Dorothy HAD to get back home and everyone worked for that goal and believed in it because that was the most important place to be. It tapped into that subliminal feeling we all have that we long for home.

I believe “home” is a spiritual concept.

God placed “home” deep inside of us for us to long to come back to Him; our eternal HOME. When we feel close to that home feeling, it feels comfortable and warm and it is supposed to feel that way; spiritually.

In August we celebrated 19 years in our Eastern home. It was a difficult move for me, I will not lie. I worked very hard to change a foreign place and a house, (clear across the country), into our home; a spot where even the air feels familiar. Family memories, struggles, service, and the hustle-bustle of life contribute to filling the walls to make it ours. And now this place is home. But also is the air in the SF Bay Area and in Southern California, and in the mountains by a lake.

I love home.

It is my sanctuary; my refuge.

I believe the concept is deeper than we think and it feels right.

The sense of home is real and it is personal.

It is our own place to relax and be ourselves.

Home is necessary for our souls to feel secure someplace in the world.

It’s our spot…

on the big earth.





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