personal eclipses

Did you feel the energy change during the Eclipse? It felt different in the atmosphere when the sun was blocked. The experience was cool and interesting yet I wanted it to be over with and back to normal. That big ball of sun-energy is my light and life source and I felt relief when it was back.

I have only begun to understand energy but I think of it a lot.

A wise teacher shared an energy dilemma she struggled with in her career which has been on my mind lately. She explained that her career choice sapped much of her physical and enthusiastic energy so when she came home to her family her energy fuel tank was close to empty. She was bothered that her husband and children did not get her best energy. She had no solution, just stating the truth.

She needed to work, but she asked me what I did to refuel good energy?

It made me think of my own personal eclipses and what it is I choose that covers or saps my best energy from the people I care about the most. I have been thinking what I choose which saps or restores my full shine.

I am at one of those filling stations that I choose. I have gone, since a child, to get refueled every summer with people I love at a tiny cabin at a lake. I feel exactly like a car on empty when I come and this place is the gas pump filling me to the brim. Even here eclipses affect people, including me. I have to consciously choose to keep the good energy flowing and not blocked.

Everyday we have eclipses that block our shine. What is stealing your energy away from your best you?


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