A soothing sip of tea


I know that is impossible because there is no use trying to figure them out, as all cat owners understand.

They do things their own way on their own time, they are fickle, quirky, extremely head strong, maintain a little wild cat still inside of them, and they instinctly drive their owners crazy.

Chloe is our cat. She will be a young 16 year old in October. She is named after one of my son’s second grade crushes who recently got married…not to my son.

But by golly, after all these years I think I figured out something about her and I think I am right! (Should I call Believe IT or NOT?)

Every single morning Chloe will strongly let me know when it is time for me to take my morning shower. She insists that she must be there right next to the shower door. While I am in the shower she waits patiently but sometimes she yells at me that I am taking too long.

(Sorry, she kept moving her head during the picture so it is blurry…)


When I am finished, the door MUST stay open just wide enough for this water-phobic animal to climb inside while it is all wet. You can never get her in there when it is dry.(That’s a cat’s mentality…)


Once in the shower she licks up all the water that is left on the floor and in the door well. It has to be in the morning when I first wake up! At first we all thought she must like the taste of DOVE soap. It isn’t that.


But today it dawned on me!

It’s in the morning.

The water is warm.

There’s a hint of minty ‘Head and Shoulders’ shampoo.

The air is steamy.

Chloe is insisting she get her morning sip of tea!!!!!!!


She now is soothed just enough to find that “just right” sunny spot where she curls up and falls sound asleep for most of the day…


…because she is nocturnal and goes from room to room trying to wake us all up to play all night long so of course she needs her warm tea before bedtime.


They are crazy little animals.

This one’s the boss of all of us but boy, do we love her to pieces!

She loves us but mind you, only when she feels like it.

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1 Response to A soothing sip of tea

  1. Zach says:

    Hahaha – Our cat is a little human dog

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