Emergency Literary Pharmacy

Do books treat what ails you?

mysterious book

According to Jean Perdu they can and they do! This free anecdote for what our hearts need is found from the book-gem The Little Paris Bookshop  by Nina George.  

Jean’s fun prescription for his literary medicines are as follows:

“Fast-acting medicines for minds and hearts affected by minor or moderate emotional turmoil.

To be taken in easily digestible doses (between five and fifty pages) unless otherwise indicated and, if possible, with warm feet and/or with a cat on your lap.”

Enjoy a little book medicine this summer.

Visit your local bookstore, library, electronic device and/or used book seller and read for your health and wellness.

Here are three from Jean’s Literary Pharmacy list. The rest you will have to discover on your own or by reading The Little Paris Bookshop.

  1. Adams, Douglas. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; A Trilogy in Five Parts

                    Effective in large doses for treating pathological optimism or a sense of                               humor failure. Ideal for saunagoers with exhibitionist tendencies.

                    Side effects: An aversion to owning things, and a potentially chronic            tendency to wear a robe all day.

2. Hesse, Hermann. “Stages,” a poem in The Glass Bead Game, trans. Richard and Clara Winston.

Cures grief, and inspires you to trust.

3. Melville, Herman. Moby Dick; or, The Whale.

For vegetarians.

Side effects: A fear of water.

(Please support local book shops everywhere!)


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