“…Obey thy heart”(part III)

Sally, a family friend, has strapped on gigantic wings and makes her mark with a foundation in India called Rising Star. Families who have generationally been outcasted as untouchables are now being educated by Dreamers who want to make good changes happen.

Last week she posted this picture of a friend she has met there whom she referred to as a “shero.”


This woman has devoted her entire life in service to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in pretty dire circumstances.

Where are her wings to fly out of the labyrinth?

When will she get her dreams?

Is there courage in staying behind?

Circumstances, obligations, duty, and/or even love often hold us back and keeps us grounded.

It is not glamorous to stay behind to help repair wings, be a sturdy hold in the wind, or light in a storm. It takes work to prepare the wax and collect feathers so others can have the chance to fly. It is rarely given accolades or attention yet is it not as important as casting off?

Has her life been a waste or has she made her mark?

Fear is not always the excuse to stay in the labyrinth– often it is love.

Being the one who chooses to stay behind to assist others in their dreams and flight.

Staying behind has its own courage.


Whether we take courage to dream and fly-

or take courage to stay behind-

what matters most

is how best to Love.

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