Oh Dear! (part ll)


IMG_3437After that “weird and wordy” blog post, my children have all booked “flights” for X-treme thrills.

“Mom gave her approval, here is the proof!”

The message I’m pondering isn’t about taking up bridge bungee jumping or avalanche skiing…

It is deeper and bigger than Icarus’ thrill ride to the sun.

It is seeking deep within us what makes us feel most alive and fulfilled and whether we can accomplish it in our lives.

The message for me is really about the labyrinth; the thing which holds us bound.

It is about making wings out of whatever you can find, ignoring tauntings from without and from within. and being brave enough to actually attach them to your shoulders and change your circumstances.

And then jump…

We may try and fall as Icarus.

We may try and succeed as Daedalus.

Or stay in the labrynth like me.

Which of the two who flew fulfilled their destiny and truly made their mark?

Both did.

Both broke past fear.

My thoughts often find me questioning why I stay stuck in the labrynth and stay a scaredy-cat. I dream of making wings and breaking free. I am the “other F-word’s” best student; but also fear’s best prisoner. Thank goodness I married a Daedalus who constantly straps wings on himself and our children. Oh, how I admire how fearless they are! I’m great at encouraging dreams, and clapping and cheering while peeking through the labrynth.

We can stay stuck or not.  But I think part of living is breaking past the obstacles fear puts in our way. And then we wait and see what happens. I guess that is what faith truly is.

I wish I were brave  enough to just try on the wings…

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