I Get To Live Here

Snap, snap there it went.

The changing if the President of the United States, just like that.

But did you feel it?

I did.

Some Americans were elated.

Some Americans were sad or even mad.

Now what?

That is the bigger question.

We are guests here on this land.

It is not free to live here.

Thank God–

Yes thank God the foundation, the core, the rock we are privileged to be a part of and hold tightly to is still sturdy and strong.

I get to live here.

I believe the United States of America is the greatest land to live on. I believe our constitution was inspired by a real God who lives in the heavens. I believe our country is supposed to be a standard for other countries to follow; not in your face! But as an example for good.

So today I’m not gloating or mourning or having a tantrum. Today I’m thanking God I get to live here. How will I contribute my tiny portion to make my country better?

It’s isn’t free. And to start I will remind myself to thank God I’m American!

And then I’ll go from there and be kinder..

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