It’s time to savor

Some folks “put” Christmas in and out quite quickly.

I think of it a bit like opening an umbrella…

‘Wah-Lah’ it’s up,…


it’s down and done.

It is tidy and efficient when its time to start the season up

and tidy and efficient to place it back in properly labeled bins once again, away.

Clap clap…done.

Football replaces the Hallmark Channel.

Pop music and news re-place Christmas carols,

and busy-ness of life replaces gift seeking priorities and gatherings.

But not completely at our house…

we savor after-Christmas like a crock pot simmers a good soup.

This time is not when the bins come out to “get it away.”

After the New Year’s fire work shells litter the driveway,

the bell vibrations hang in the air,

wrapping paper stays in balls and piles on purpose,

scotch tape sticks to the bottoms of slippers,

and our Christmas tree sips just a little bit more water,…

we brew up hot peppermint tea with honey.

We turn the carols down low,

and plug in all the lights.

We get in our Pj’s early.

And we savor what just happened to the world and to us one more time.

We smell it,

we feel it,

we taste it

like a piece of dark chocolate with creamy caramel inside that sticks to our teeth

and makes us lick our fingers.

We will be efficient but not quite yet.

Let the memories simmer and stew in dreary cold January.

It’s time to savor at our house

and wrap up in the warmth

 for just a little bit longer.





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