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Story #14: In the middle of the night

I think the clock said 2:10 a.m. but my eyes were blurry from lack of sleep. I had not slept much for many nights.  My baby wasn’t fussy, just got his days and nights mixed up and in the dim … Continue reading

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Story 13: Mr. Rudd

Mr. Rudd always wore a red cardigan sweater when we caroled to his house at Christmas time. His house smelled like dust and shower steam. He did not seem to mind as six kids of various sizes crowded inside his … Continue reading

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Story #12: Christmas Traditions

My tree fell. It has become a tradition in our family. Yep, we get a real one. Yep we’ve tried different stands. Yep we should just bite the bullet and buy a fake one and open the tree umbrella each … Continue reading

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Story #11: In the basement

The Crèche exhibit was spectacular. People reverently wandered down the aisles admiring the vast collection of delicately created manger scenes. Crèches created from Israeli woodcarvings to the islands of Polynesia and every other type of material you could think of in … Continue reading

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Story #10: Before it “Poofs” and floats away…

Story # 10: In our community every single Christmas Eve evening we meet on a triangular hill that sits in the middle of three churches called God’s acre. A little wooden bandstand is set up and band players dressed up … Continue reading

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Story 9: What neighbors have to put up with…

We actually carol to our neighbors; even when it’s freezing outside. We do not harmonize. We do not sing all the verses of the 12 Days of Christmas. To cover up our not-so-melodious voices we play homemade metal pipes cut … Continue reading

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Story 8: Long Walk

Before Christmas, an English teacher in Africa had been telling his native students how Christians, as an expression of their joy, gave one another presents on Christ’s birthday. On Christmas morning, one of the natives brought the [teacher] a seashell … Continue reading

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