Story #4: Help I need Christmas spirit!

December 2002

I entered the Christmas season exhausted before it began. I was overdone and feeling guilty that I was not in the mood for creating an atmosphere of Christmas for my children. I decided one night (mostly for my sake) to read a short Christmas story to my little boys before bedtime. I was tired and secretly wanted to hurry through it.

I chose a story and tried to skip a few pages to get to the end. When I finished my oldest took the book and said, “There’s songs in this book… Let’s sing one.” And with a pure child’s singing voice began to sing Jingle Bells. As he sang the others joined in. Everyone was giggling and I had to enter in too. He then sang another song that he didn’t remember the tune for very well and we all tried to sing the chorus. This happened for much longer than I expected.

As I kissed and turned out the light my heart felt warmer and less encumbered.

I believe I received some Christmas magic that night…

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