Story #3: Angel in Disguise


One evening in downtown Los Angeles, while waiting for a light, a stranger came up to the passenger side door of our car and began knocking on the windows. My four and two year olds were in the back seat looking out. They instantly caught my anxiety and began to point and cry.  His hands were dirty, his clothes were worn and sagging. He was looking inside the window and I was terrified. The light changed and I quickly sped away  with my heart pounding.

But not a mamma in Louisiana! When homeless or needy people approach their car instead of building a family fortress of fear and judgement she tells her children to quickly roll down the window! She carries extra dollars or water in her car for this very reason. “This person could be an ‘angel in disguise’,” she teaches them. And they don’t ignore them, fearful but plan ahead for when they meet them, so they can give a little bit.

I love that mamma and her loving heart.

Who is the angel here?

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