trash to treasure

Put out for trash sat a box which brought someone a new BBQ.

It’s fate changed…



For five imaginative days Pinky and I sat in and played with “the box.”


Every day we did something new on it and in it. We painted, we colored, we stickered, and we taped.

Every day it was new.

We had the necessary essentials…a toy phone that plays music, an elastic that was our rope and seat belt, door and window knobs for easy closure, animal friends, a look out tube, a flashlight, and a pocket to hold our cereal bowl when we needed to eat. We even had a ceiling peep hole to let light in and spy. She sat on the stool and I sat where she is standing…

I can’t really think of any title at this moment that gives me more pleasure than I am a Grandma that wants to sit in a cardboard box and be included in magical play  with royalty.


Here we are in the moment.

It does not take a lot of money to create memories…

I cherish this one!

Thanks my sweet Pinky…



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1 Response to trash to treasure

  1. Katie says:

    You are the best mom and grandma! I actually remember driving with you when I was like 8 and we were looking near dumpsters until we found a huge box to play in. Seriously the best toy! I remember we made a drawbridge out of it and everything. Love you.

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