Ten is a magical number!

Ten years ago this past August, on the night before school started, I stood high on that white beam splashing last minute paint over this exciting surprise for our local elementary school.  I could not wait for them to see my gift; what had grown inside their school while they were away for summer vacation!

For that entire month I worked on it, I thought of their faces when they would come!

And I still think about their faces 10 years later…

There are over 65 hidden treasures chosen with the children’s curiosity in mind. I wanted them to experience nature to the fullest so I brought nature inside! The bark includes butterflies, worms, lady bugs, squirrels, a baby owl, song birds, carved sayings, jewels, a CTR ring, a magic rubbing rock, the mascot doggy reading up on the tree house platform with a rope and necessary items for the tree fort, and a magical little door underneath where the school brownie lives who secretly does mischief. You can sit underneath it on a bench and imagine…                                                  anything…



This year the night, before school began I wrapped Gilbert’s trunk with streamers and hung ribbons from the branches in honor of his tenth year welcoming hundreds of children and their families into SCHOOL; the fabulous place to grow and learn.

Seeing it in person is so much MORE  amazing!

A piece of my soul is in that tree…

I am so proud of it and how it makes people feel.

Sometimes I go and visit just because I miss it…

(The tree is named after my Uncle Gilbert who was one of my art inspirations who had one of his eyes shattered when he was a young child when hit by a truck, then went blind in his good eye later in his life before he passed away. He cherished nature and his art showed that love and sensitivity. His artistic spirit lives on in this tree…)



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  1. Susan P Boston says:

    Thank you!!!

    Susan Boston +1-203-919-0199 Susan.boston@gmail.com


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