Hold on dear summer, I am coming…


Out walking the evening of the last day of school and came across a newly formed fort blowing in the breeze. 

And right then I felt it! Dear summer’s warm winds and calmer days flow through me.

Everyone needs a summer fort.

A place we can “crawl inside” and let the cares and worries of life,

like a force field

bounce off the outer walls.

Not here life!

Not in my fort!

It’s summer time!

I am heading to my fort soon.

Ahhhh,  I can’t wait.

Quote from past post Dear Sweet Summer:

Sweet summer does not grant us permission to play, she offers the sunshine, the thunder storms, the fireflies, the diamonds on the water, the firelight, the sunsets, and she offers them gently, sometimes so quietly we don’t even notice. Sweet summer stands with her arms held out to embrace and all we have to do is come running and jump in and play!

“Oh hello my dear sweet summer, I missed you…

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