Not a “fun with it” message

I am and desire to continue to be an advocate for the Power of Family,

For healthy loving Parenting–or at least try,

For Children to be able to live in love, safety, and peace to thrive

For Innocence almost to the point of being sacred and holy.

I feel sick inside to know that so many children are not fortunate to live in an environment that offers any of those things above.

I just completed courses for my masters on Child Abuse, Bullying, and Violence in the Schools.

Real life stories of poverty, abuse, violence, and neglect…

I know too many negative statistics…

I know people who have tried to help but changed careers because the task was overwhelming and hopeless…

This past week I received a video of my new granddaughter

giving the world her first smiles.

That very day I also learned that 45 percent of child fatalities come from children younger than one years old!

It took the air out my lungs!

I watch her  eyes sparkle. She is hopeful and trusting.

I can’t help but think WHY, HOW?


My stomach hurts to think of it.

My heart aches for those children who cannot help themselves.

That is all I want to say…

Pray is where I will start…



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