Do you live in your body?

These thoughts are from John Robert McFarland’s Book

(Strange question, right?)

Many people use their bodies as a tool to get their brain from one place to the next. They don’t actually live IN their body but treat their body like a hotel.

(What the heck are you talking about?)

The body is our home, and the basic reason disease happens is that we don’t live in our bodies but distract ourselves away from the body’s needs or whispers. We push our bodies to get our brain what it wants, yet our body is usually low on the list.

“If you want to be well, come home, and inhabit your body.”

“The body home has an extensive communication system. There are many “I’s” within [the whole body}, and they are not just the characters that inhabit [our] brain. Emotions are not just in the brain but in the body as well. Every hurt we’ve ever experienced is stored somewhere in the body. There’s a mind in every cell. Each cell is a microcosm of the whole…”

“Whenever one part of the body is abused or neglected, it tells the rest of the body about it, complaining of its treatment. All the other parts get upset, for unlike people, the “I’s” of the body never forget that they are related, that they depend on one another, that if one gets sick they all might die…”


Do you live in your body or do you treat it like a hotel?

This past week I sat in a room full of people who have come home to their bodies in order to live. They take their bodies much more seriously. Neglect is not an option. They have learned to cherish the bodies they live in.

Talk to  your body, and listen to it. Ask each part how it is doing and whether it has any complaints that the rest of your parts can do anything about. “Lay your hands on the parts that hurt, because that interconnected healing touch is one of the jobs of the hands. Ask the parts to get along together and work together. It’s amazing how well [our] bodie[s] repond to being treated like somebody.”

Come back home to your body. It is right here holding you up!

I believe it will be the only one you are issued from God.

McFarland, J.R. (2007).Now That I have Cancer I am Whole. Kansas City, MissouriAndrews McMeel.


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