Little Heart

I wish to share one of my favorite writings inspired by two mothers I cherish for mother’s day coming up. One was growing a tiny heart inside next to her own heart suffering from hyperemisis while the other was resting an old loving heart suffering from congestive heart failure. I wrote it with my own pleading heart in a fervent prayer that the hearts I cherish would never stop beating…

It will be one of my children’s books someday…


Written to my unborn grandbaby and my mom in the hospital                                                Dec. 17, 2011

Little Heart


Everyone gets a little heart with their body.  It is like your very own light bulb that turns on when you begin.  You can’t see it on your outside like your pinky finger, but you can feel it on your inside thumping.  Do you want to feel it?  On your body above your belly button you have two heart finder dots.  If you put your hand in the middle of the dots and hold very still, you can feel your heart.  What does it say?  thump  thump  thump… like a drum.


Hearts start like magic.  On one special day your heart turns on and begins to beat while you are growing in your mommy’s tummy.  It never stops while you are alive.  It begins when you are smaller than a little pea like this.

That is an itty bitty heart saying “Hello, I am here!”  thump thump thump…

Your heart can beat fast when you run or jump.  Do you want to feel it?  Hop like a rabbit; 5 HOPS.  Now find your heart finder dots and feel.  Thump!thump!thump!thump!  It will slow down soon.

Your heart can beat really slow too, like when you are sleeping.


Hearts can be different sizes. Even though you can’t see them you can see people with different sized ones.  Grandma has a huge heart even though she is not very big. She is nice. Bad guys who are huge have shriveled up small ones. They are mean. But hearts don’t have to stay one size, they can change anytime.  thump  thump  thump…


Hearts have lots and lots of pockets.  You can feel them on the inside.  All kinds of things get put inside the heart pockets.  Happy and sad things; good and bad things; mad and glad things. Some people hold too many things in their heart pockets and their hearts get very heavy.  You can feel that too.  To empty out some pockets all you have to do is cry.  Your tears carry away all that stuff you don’t need any more in your heart pocket.   thump  thump  thump.


The best thing about everyone’s heart is that they are all made from honey, and chocolate, and peppermint, and marshmallows, and caramel, and syrup, and cherries and sugar because everyone’s heart starts sweet when it is smaller than a pea.  Our hearts get sour only when we stop showing love.  Wrap your arms around me and squeeze—can you feel the sugar?

I love you!

Everyone gets a little heart with their body.  Keep going little heart.  thump  thump  thump.

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  1. Daniel Edwards says:

    An amazing post today mom- loved reading this!

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