Are you old enough yet?

Just last night I read this poignant quote from C. S Lewis:


you will be old enough to read fairy tales again.”

 I was in an important meeting this past week. I was keeping my phone close and on waiting for news of a new grand baby coming any day.

I received this out of the blue text:


L: Hey Jennifer,

M believes in a fairy that visits us.

Me: Awesome

L: She writes on  a piece of paper to the fairy, and has a little food tray from her barbies that she puts a fairy snack on. Usually it is cereal or raisins, something small.  The fairy writes back to her and takes the food. She knows it’s not anyone but the fairy because she writes so tiny you need to look close to see it. From the weeks she’s visited we know her name is Sirene who lives in a hollow tree in the marsh nearby our home.

Me: I hope she stays it is good-luck!

Her job is to bring the stars out at night. She likes dancing with the fish on the marsh. Tonight…M went out at dusk into our backyard to look for her putting up the stars. It was dinnertime and she came in crying because she only saw two stars and didn’t get to see her fairy, even though she said no human has ever seen her before. Though she did say she would wave to her if she saw her.

Anyway, I think M would love some fairy gifts. I need to keep my eyes open for something outside. M is also thinking of getting a scientist to validate her finding that fairies are real. That she has solid proof now. 🙂 I told M I know someone who perhaps is a fairy expert and could validate they are real for her. Would you be able to talk to her?

At what age do children question? Am I nearing the age of unbelief? I am holding out for as long as she wishes.

Me: They will believe forever if you do.

I believe.

L: Awwwww I want to believe! Thanks for the chat Jennifer.


the important film

I was in watching during the important meeting,

well, it was hard to concentrate

with all the fairy lights  glowing and lighting the ceiling

then swooping down near my face

with their fingers to their mouth in a hush,

as they coyly smiled, winked,

then flew back to the ceiling to light the night…

M and I had a magical conversation this past week over the phone.

I felt honored to be included.

I am thinking Sirene has found herself a human who is very very special…

Fairy Girl

Want to give credit to the photographer of this photo:
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