Silent Night where are you?

The Little Mother

Silent Night

Holy Night

All is calm

All is bright…

That was so long ago…

What are the fears and stirrings I feel tonight.

Something is happening.

I cannot stop the current…

He walks and talks and touches

but there is sadness in his eyes.

He does not hold my pleading gaze…                               but looks away…

What do I do?

What can I do?

He knows…

I feel it is something terrible.

I wait…

I worry.                               I love him.

I no longer have my precious silent night.

My heart does not feel calm

nor bright.

It is getting darker.

So dark it is hard for me to breath.

I am a little mother…

His mother and

I feel the very things

he does-

but on my inside.

What will happen?

Where is the angel who told me…

 Fear not…




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