Freaked out Flyers

This post is only for those who:

a. keep track of how many times people go to the airplane bathroom during the flight and time how long they are in there

b. close your eyes and pray out loud during turbulence; white knuckling the arm rests

c. grabs the hand of the stranger next to you during take off and landing, then apologize and ignore them the rest of the trip

d. claps and screams hooray when the plan lands safely, and looks around to notice they are the only one

e. watches every move the steward/stewardess’s make and become anxious if they stop smiling

f. vow when you walk out of that place that you will NEVER do that again…until you are forced to go home…

g. never stop believing that there is no possible way that giant metal thing could stay up in the air for even 1 second!

Here is my Remedy that I have used for  YEARS and shared with fellow freaked out flyers. (Oh, and if you are not a true anxious flyer this will seem ridiculous so it won’t work for you)

A freaked out flyer remedy:

Keep this vision while you are flying “over land:”

The plane that you are in has a wheel constantly touching the ground that comes from the bottom belly of the plane. The super strong wheel is on a spring so it can go over mountains really quickly. When it is turbulent it is okay, the wheel is always connected to the ground so you are safe. If you need to go over bodies of water the wheel has a ski that comes from the bottom so the wheel glides over the water.

I have had many “a-g above” people who I have shared this with who tell me that this helps them.

AND BTW here is the one for “over oceans:” No one ever mentions the hop scotch islands that are situated over all the oceans. They are about 20 miles apart and each one has a landing strip on it. So just in case you need to do a quick landing over the ocean if you miss the first hop scotch island the plane can glide easily to the next one.

This makes traveling sooo much more do-able!

Now to figure out a remedy to get over the terror of the cost of traveling!!


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  1. M Edwards says:

    You are hilarious!

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