Random Acts of Kindness, Oh how cute. NO HOW POWERFUL!

My three year old autistic grandson does not speak words.

He has helped me understand something I have felt but have never had to put it into context, until I met him.

It is the principle that communication consists of energy that we feel.

Evil gives off energy.

Happiness gives off energy.

Fear gives off energy.

Peace gives off energy.

Love gives off energy.

T-man understands the world through the energy currents that constantly encircle him, and he often sits on the floor in silence and spins things.

To find a rhythm.

To find a calm.

To find order

because the current

in the world

is chaos!

Feel the energy that is surrounding the country at this time?

What is the feel? Calm? Kind?

What energy does the news stir us into? A frenzy of anger, frustration, fear, friends against friends, races against races, parties against parties, people against people?

Today marks the week of Random Acts of Kindness.

It seems odd to me that human beings would have to be reminded for one week to be kind.


Where is God in all of this?

Is he feeling the current of energy?

Is he sending us gifts,

like autistic beings

to subtly show us



be quiet?

“Goodness puts evil into perspective! We see how the healing power of human compassion far outweighs the corrosive power of human evil. In the final summing up, it is the good in us that define this moment in our collective history.” Rabbi Marc Gellman and Monsignor Thomas Harman (Minister)

Is it so hard to just be kind to one another?

Is God just standing back waiting for us to discover how powerful the energy of Love really is?

Be kind every single day,

every single minute.

 It is not silly Pollyanna–cuteness.

It carries POWER!


That is who speaks to T-man.

And he is trying to tell us but the energy of chaos is too loud and overbearing for us to hear!

So he continues to spin and wait…

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