Decent Date Ideas

Date Idea #1: The winter Cozy

Before the date:

  1. Research your area for places that allow sitting that include fireplaces. Our Panera Bread has a fireplace. Do not use your own place even if you have a fireplace. The point is to go out to neutral ground, especially if this is a first date. If you can’t find a fireplace find a place that has a cozy warm atmosphere but in public.
  2. Bring an old fashioned board game, UNO cards, or Checkers but conceal it in a bag. (The element of surprise is always a part of decent dating.) *Borrow a game from a neighbor if you don’t own any. Many libraries loan games too. DO NOT bring a game that you outshine your guest or make them feel dread to play like a trivia game or brainy one! And NO Monopoly or any LONG games!!!!  You don’t want your date to get a made-up headache the minute they see the game! Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Parcheesi, Aggravation, Jenga, Sorry, Old Maid, Fish, War, etc.

One the date:

  1. Invite your guest to a light lunch, dinner or hot chocolate. (You will pay for it!) A soup bread bowl is warm and cozy. Sit by the fire even if you have to go reserve the spot with tape and a sign beforehand.
  2. Put your phones on mute and place them out of reach! Pull out the game. Now play and talk–no electronic games. You can learn a great deal about a person when you play a game with them. A lot of flirting is known to occur. Go get a slurpee at 7/11, or some soft icecream on the way home. Do not kiss your guest good-night! Tell them you had a great time if you did,  thank them, then leave.

Decent Date idea #2: “5 Envelopes”

Chose 5 ideas from the 50 ideas link for RAK week (which begins Feb. 14) and write them out and place them in five envelopes.

When you pick up your date have them pick one envelope and read what it says then go do it. Then after you do the first have your date pick a second random envelope and go do what it says.Continue doing all five envelopes and Random Acts of Kindness together.

Go treat  yourselves to something yummy to eat and sit at the place so you can talk about the fun you had.

Then YOU do one more random act of kindness for your date before YOU take your guest home…

Decent Date #3: Out to Dinner number One

Go to a fast food restaurant and ask the manager if you could have a candle light dinner in their establishment. When you get the okay ask if they could guard the area where you are preparing the fine dining when you leave to get your date.

A few hours before the date, set the table with a nice table cloth, nice dishes, with two forks, two spoons, a knife, and cloth napkin, and a real or face candle–add a little flower in a vase too. (google how to properly set a table!)

Pick up your date and take them to ….

Order a 5 course meal beginning with an appetizer, then a soup, then a salad, a main dish, a dessert, and of course a nice soda (drink). Use the nice dishes and silverware only and act like you are in a fine dining establishment.

When you are finished, have your date help you gather up all the plates, etc. and go back to your place and wash, by hand together with big soapy bubbles and a nice hand towel to dry, all the dishes. You will be amazed what you can find out about a person when you eat, then wash the dishes together! (Have a bubble fight if you and the date are having a good time!)

Decent Date #4: Out to Dinner number Two

Ask your date out to a nice restaurant. (Preferable Italian)

When you get there take the silverware away and bring out a big bag full of unique chosen items from your kitchen utility drawer to use instead of silverware.  (It could be an extra large or wooden spoon, tongs, a nut cracker, spatula, a toothpick, only one chop stick, etc.) Have your date chose blindly from the bag their utensil to eat with. You chose one too. You could also add two baby bottles for the water glasses.

Order your delicious meal and then have fun eating using the challenge. It will be definitely an unforgettable dinner.

Decent Date#5: Soup and a Heart Attack

  • Buy some chicken broth with a chicken soup recipe on the back. Buy carrots, celery, noodles. And a big chunky french bread
  • Buy some really inexpensive construction paper. Make sure you have tape, markers, and scissors

Invite your date over to make soup and heart attack. (The Fire station)

On the way to picking up your date go to Kentucky fried chicken, or a place that sells already cooked chicken breasts and buy one.

You and your date follow the easy instructions for making Chicken Noodle soup on the back of the chicken broth cans and make enough soup to fill up about 10 fireman.

While the soup is simmering, cut out lots of hearts and write nice things or just say thank you all over them. Make sure you make a BIG heart which says, YOU’VE BEEN HEART ATTACKED!

Take the soup, bread, and hearts to the local Fire station and tape the hearts all over the entrance, then knock on the door and give the Fire-people the soup. (They may want to pour it in their own pot so you can take yours home to wash.)

Go out for a simple dinner, and save one last heart to place on your dates place. Write on it, Thank you, You’ve been heart attacked!






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