Cancer’s score card added another tally. I am angry at Cancer. I hate it’s thievery with a vengeance!

I feel frightened as it steals yet

another innocent life.


I am sad.


Christmas time can be hectic and bothersome or

it can be quiet, soothing, and precious.

My friend’s life deserves the honor of the latter as I reflect on her goodness.

Today I play carols on low so I have to make an effort to really listen.

Today I wrap gifts slowly and think with gratitude about the person I am giving to, and smile that they are in my life.

Today I will bake and fill my home with soothing aromas of the season then eat comfort food and savor the taste.

Today I will hug my pillows before I fluff making the beds.

Today I will sit and look at my Christmas tree without any noise.

Today I will feed my forest family and take a walk no matter how frosty I feel, and smell the air, and thank God for the beauty of the earth right in front of my eyes.

Today I will listen to the dryer sound, sweep the floors and fold the socks and feel life in my home in the messes.

Tonight I will tuck my children in bed and lie awake and listen to their breathing.

Today I will place trust in my God who is in charge.

Today I will Believe

and hold tightly to Christmas…

in all its goodness and peace.

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3 Responses to Today…

  1. Daniel Edwards says:

    Sorry about your friend. I thought your points about wrapping gifts more slowly and playing music at a lower volume to place extra emphasis and focus on the true purpose of activity was a great point.

    Hope you start feeling peace soon.

    I love you

  2. Curt says:

    Suzanne is the epitome of living a Christ-like life! Good message to ponder today!

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