Life’s fragility


In one second I could send these piles of useless rocks to their original heap with a flick of my toe or finger.

But I can’t.

I won’t!

The rock formation takes on a life of its own standing firm and statuesque giving us some sort of message about balance and fragility, while other rocks nearby are stuck in lifeless piles hoping for foundations, or paths, or purpose.

This feels a lot like life;

a fragile balance of moments

which gather and build

with the potential to change in an instant.

We do not know how or why.

But life continually makes altering swings.

We teeter and balance

or we fall.

Two days ago life gave me one of those moments. I was forced to say good-bye to a dear friend not expected to live by Christmas. She is too young and full of life to leave. Yet no matter how hard I held on to her, I could not fix what was taking her away. I could not stop the rocks from falling!


We never know when or why this has to happen

we just know it does.

I keep getting stuck in this spot.

God is in charge

is how I cope.

And that faith helps me continue to balance and build, even while shedding tears.

Today that is what this rock tower  stands for to me!

Life’s fragility; one little rock at a time…

IMG_0573 (1)

IMG_0574 (1)

For Suzanne who is brave and good







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