Happy Tired

July is over.

It’s now the time

when summer



embraced us.

Muscles are sore from trying out new activities…(not everyone can balance on those paddle boards!)

Our skin is brown and dry, or in my case, extra freckled from sun exposure–perhaps maybe even too much…

We have hugged and kissed far away friends,

loved ones,

or even brand new friends…

The car has empty water bottles on the floor, extra sand, a wet towel or lost flip flop stashed under the seat, and sticky stuff everywhere…

The sun still sets late and we get to sit outside a little bit longer.

But sleep is what we crave…

to rest from all that summer fun!

And when we do climb in bed,

or in the tent,

or in the hotel,

or on an air mattress,

or in Grandma’s house,

we are TIRED!

 Happy Tired!

The kind when just before we snuggle in

and shut off our mind,

we smile

And whisper

a little thanks

for all this


summer time!

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1 Response to Happy Tired

  1. Daniel Edwards says:

    love this post 🙂 — so true

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