Have you ever watched shark week?

I grew up in the Jaws era and I have to watch. (Of course it has also made me freaked out about dark water and even freaked if I dive deep in a pool with my eyes closed and I get that fear-chill and swim to the side to see if anyone noticed. I’ve seen others who have watched jaws do it in the pool too. Not just me!)

But here is a bit of interesting trivia.

(Bear with me a minute and I will get to the point.)

There’s this little fish that grabs on to the side of a shark. It is called a Remora fish. The reason why the shark does not eat them is because they get rid of pesky parasites on a sharks skin. They are helpful little critters, just like the birds that go inside of a Crocodiles mouth to clean it out. The sharks don’t want to miss out on a helpful service that they themselves cannot do. They have a suction cup- like mouth that allows them to hitch a ride on a shark without falling off.

So, as the Remora fish suction cups himself to that shark he gets to glean off all that sharky fun; like riding a tandem bicycle in the back– pretending like he is peddling but he really isn’t! But both riders are experiencing the moments connected together, having the time of their lives.  Perhaps the little Remora may even dream he’s really a buff, strong, muscular shark while he’s along for the ride. Perhaps the shark doesn’t have many other fishy friends to talk to so he secretly confides in the little guy for company…WE WILL NEVER KNOW.


I have discovered that I am a  Remora fish in human form. My ride-hitching choice is not with a big, grumpy, man-eating fish bully who when sways into fish town everyone swims to hide and close their shell shutters.

No sureee.

I chose to suction cup tightly to a bunch of wild and crazy, fun lovin,’ HAPPY dolphins! A whole crowd of them. I jump from one to the next but glean off every single ride, just like the back of a tandem bike; cleaning off the parasites every once in awhile. The fun is not just holding on to one, but reaping the benefits of the whole energetic family group and their interdependence and joy they have in their togetherness.  I LOVE my crazy crowd of dolphins I am suction cupped to! I get to experience everything as a spectator, a cheerer, an adviser, a supporter, and even as a very close friend!

The rides over the years that I have been on have been beyond crazy fun! Chasing boats, hide and seek around treasure chests, playing ball with sea creatures, flipping in the sea air, doing that backwards thing high up in the water, splashing each other, swimming fast in races, sharing the tuna, and laughing and laughing and laughing all the way. 

Wikipedia doesn’t explain what happens to the Remora fish when the suction comes lose and all the dolphins swim away leaving me behind, in dark deep water.

I have come to a stark discovery, along my swimming journey, that even though I pretended alot, I am not a dolphin and never will be.

I am a Remora fish and need to suction on to my dolphin crowd to experience fun, but still with a purpose to occasionally clean off the parasites to stay important.

Do Remora fish get eaten if they are treading water in the deep ocean, waiting for the dolphins to swim back this way?

Not sure. Wikipedia doesn’t say.


Remora fish seeking crowd to suction to.

Will clean off parasites.

Scared of sharks!

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