A secret in the rafters


I love to find hidden treasures.

Perhaps that is why I enjoy searching tag sales.

There are stories there.

Helping paint the inside walls of an old beat up, rented garage to create a small store for less fortunate families in this area, I shifted my ladder above the door frame.

Way up high in the rafters wrapped in cob webs and layers of dust was an old horse shoe and saint figure.

It was not clearly visible from the ground.

I felt like I had discovered a secret from the past.

Who put this there?

I could picture someone hammering in the horse shoe then kissing the figurine before hiding it way up high.


No matter.

The message rung loud an clear.

Bless this place.

And please, while you are at it, give it a little luck too…

What a sweet gift.

A tiny secret blessing

to hover over

a secret little place

where those in need

can come for hope

and help.

Do you have secret messages hidden?


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2 Responses to A secret in the rafters

  1. Katie says:

    This is really cool! I’m gonna hide something here before I move!!

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