Over 50 more Prom Asking Ideas!

Surprise message carrier!

Surprise message carrier!

Idea #1: You can find boxes like this at party stores, craft stores, or make your own out of cardboard boxes.(I bought this one at Pier One Imports awhile ago.)

Write your invite on the back of a picture of you or as a nice invitation and place in the “tiniest box inside!”

Ask a friend to dress up nice and hand deliver this “prom asking” box to your guest; nicely wrapped with cellophane, a big flower, or a big bow to a class, home, work, sports game, music recital, or where ever your guest will be and how public you want to make it. YOU be close by so when they get to the invite deep inside you are there to pop out and listen to the answer. Which of course will be YES!

The anticipated MESSAGE is in the smallest box!

The anticipated MESSAGE is in the smallest box!


Idea #2: Did you know you can use tweezers to gently remove the mass produced fortune in fortune cookies and write your own invitation to the prom and put it hidden inside the cookie for your guest to find. Place the fortune cookie in a clever box, you can find at Michael’s, or stationary stores, or use a craft knife to gently peel the plastic off the original wrapper and put the cookie back in with a touch of glue. How you give this clever way of asking is up to you….The answer will be YES!

Idea #3: Freeze your invitation in a plastic container, you can freeze other things with it like flowers or toys then after it is frozen pop it out of the container and give it to your guest with a hammer. You can also freeze it in a deep red, purple, or orange juice drink container and they have to wait until it defrosts before they can read it. I-CE A GOOD TIME AHEAD!

Idea #4: Write your name on a small paper and roll it and tape it so it can fit inside a not yet blown up balloon. Go get it blown at a party store so it has helium inside. Give a bouquet of balloons with a card. Inside the card ask to go to Prom but tape a pin in the letter to find out with whom? Have a friend deliver the balloon bouquet.

Idea #5, 6, 7. 8: Prearrange to have your prom invite hidden inside a Happy Meal, or surgically open cracker jacks, or any other type of boxed food and hide message inside. You can also write your invite on a puzzle. There are blank ones at craft stores, or buy a children’s puzzle at  Toys R Us and write the message on the back of a 50 piecer.

Idea #9, 10, 11: Have you ever heard of a tape, crepe paper, or string ball? My husband’s sister used to wrap her gifts in tape. There are so many cool looking types of tape to choose from but stay away from duct tape. (Painters tape or washi tape is the most forgiving when unwrapping) You must make the unwrap fun and not so difficult that it gets thrown in the street out of frustration where a garbage truck runs over it! Write your invite and place it around a toy, candy, inside a small EOS Egg container, or Easter egg. Hide it by taking tape or string and continue to wrap and wrap and wrap until it gets as big as you want. Hand deliver the giant wad of tape, the giant ball of string, or crepe paper ball to your guest with the invitation hidden inside. When it is finally opened the answer is going to be YIPPEE and YES!

Idea #12: Do you use lockers? Hide the message inside a locker, inside sports shoes, backpacks, use your imagination.

Idea #13: Light a candle path with you and your invite at the end. (Did you know you can buy candles already in glass encased jars at part stores that supply things for weddings. I got a package of 12 in one package. If it is slightly windy put candles inside bags with a little sand to create a luminary.

Idea #14: Scavenger Hunts are popular and a clever way to ask. But where do you do them? It depends on what you know about your guest and how much running around you want them to do. I will say from MY  point of view that too long and too involved loses the fun of it. Simple and thoughtful is best. Get to the end! I love to solicit help from mall store workers, the grocery story is a great place to hide clues, around a small town, at your school or work, at a play ground or park, in a Big store like Costco, Wallmart, Best Buy. But don’t make the clues so difficult the person hates you before you ask. BE THE TREASURE AT THE END OF THE HUNT! And look nice!!!

Idea #15, 16: Sound corny or boring to use mail? Think again!! Send a kooky package, OR a fun, funky, crazy something in the mail. Did you know you can send ANYTHING through the mail as long as they can put postage on it. A SHOE with stamp. A box of girl scout cookies.A fork!!! YOU NAME IT! And the post man would love it because they are so bored filling mail boxes with junk. OR completely fill her/his mail box stuffed to the brim and falling out with colorful envelopes full of “Will you go with me to prom?” But have only ONE say with whom.                                         OMG…YES!

Idea #17: Who does not love Oreo cookies, and who does not open them to eat before dunking in milk? Carefully open an oreo, dig out only the center. leaving the white frosting around the edges so when put back together you would not notice. Place a tiny invite in the little hole you just created. Then place the cookie back together and place it in a special box for him to ….open. What a surprise when he reads your invite…or swallows it!   OOPS!                         YEP he’ll go!!

Idea #18: At Home Depot or Lowes or any paint store they carry empty paint cans with lids. You can stuff a gift and an invite in a quart size pant can, hammer it shut. Create your own Prom asking label “Let’s Paint the Town!” and deliver it to your artsy friend. SOOO clever. This deserves a big creative YES!

This Category is GOING PUBLIC

Idea # 19, 20: There are lots of chain linked fences around schools, around tennis courts, in town, etc. You can weave a message in the chain link which can be read by all, but most importantly your guest. HOW? Old Sheets cut up in strips, bright florescent colored rope or twine. You can also write it out on a foam core board and nail it to a wooden fence.

Idea #21: From D: A pre-made movie was created. Arrange with teacher to play the movie as part of the class. This particular askee was a bow hunter and his movie was him shown out on the hunt in a deep dark forest,  hunting for something. He comes very close to the camera and says, “Oh there you are.” Then the movie stops and he walks in the room with flowers and asks his guest to prom in front of the whole class. She of course said, YES!

Idea #22: From J: This ideas is bold! Drive your truck up to the front of the high school pick-up area and with a bull horn or loud speaker call out the guest’s name. Then shout out in front of everyone, “Will you go to prom with me?” Of course he will turn bright red and then say YESERREEEE! Now please be quiet.

Idea #23, 24. 25. 26: Sing in front of a class using your own lyrics but the melody from a created song, dance and sing using karaoke, do a flash mob at school soliciting lots of singers,  hire a singer to sing for you, hire someone to do a singing telegram at her work, during his practice, during school hours or lunch, at their home. 

Idea #27: Pop out of things to surprise your guests; Boxes, Cleaned out Trash container rolled in from a Custodian, closets, etc.

Idea #28: Lawn Art. Did you know you can easily make big letter stencils from poster board and use flour or corn starch sprinkled over the stencil to spell out ‘PROM’ on expanses of lawn without doing it any damage. You can make stars and hearts and other symbols, too. Add some dollar store Flamingos for a nice added touch.

Idea #29, 30: You can write a message using plastic forks, or pin wheels, and placing it in your guests lawn.

Idea #31: Colored Post-it notes are GREAT to ask publicly to Prom at school. Write on a million of them “will you go to Prom with me” and plaster the school classrooms or halls with them. Have a destination place where you can be the best message at the end so your guest knows who is asking!

Idea #32: A string scavenger hunt is a great way to ask especially if you can get into the guest’s room or classroom. Tangle the entire room up, beginning with the end invitation and make your way out, tangling the string completely around the entire room. It should like like a tangled spider web when you are complete, but create a sticker or star over the START with directions, so your guest knows to untangle to receive the invitation and prize. YOU and a YES!

Idea #33: Be Bold! Buy some vivid colored chalk pastels at an art store and create an awesome message on the cement in front of his/her house, work, place where they practice, on the street, in the town, in front of a store asking to them prom. If it is in front of or on the property of a public place, remember you need to ask for permission! Make it really cool with different fonts and lots of color. Sit close, or better yet, draw it around a circle with you in the middle!  YES

Idea #34: You can now buy car glass paint at Michaels, party stores, and Wallmart which can write on windshields and side windows. Decorate their car asking them to the prom. Don’t paint on car paint. It may scratch to come off! Or Better yet, decorate your car with that person’s name all over it and drive it all around town. They certainly will say yes so you will wash your car!!

Idea #35: Gather candy wrapper names to write out a message. Go to your local store and check out different names to create a fun message. Dear Big HUNK, Love to Skiddle with you to the Prom where we could enjoy a star burst dance of fun…You get the idea…  YES will come!

Idea #36: Children’s sand is now colored at Wallmart. You can buy a bag, dump it out, smooth it out, and write your clever message right in it.

Idea # 37: Arrange to have your guest “happy” kidnapped, and taken to someplace prearranged where you could ask him to prom. How about right in the middle of an island on a busy street where you have a nice card table set up with a picnic.

Idea #38: A picnic basket with a date included. Have a picnic basket or bag of food delivered to her and have her meet the mystery guest someplace prearranged. You not only can ask to the prom but get a picnic “date” along with it.

Idea #39: You can use clever objects to spell words for you to create a message. You can use Marshmallows, cheerios, Legos, Playdough, scrabble pieces or game pieces, nuts, feathers, googly eye balls. Use your imagination and go for a walk through a craft or party story. You will find something super clever!  Wouldn’t it be fun to receive a message all written out with googly eye ball saying “I have had my EYE’s on you. Will you go to the prom with me?”  SOOOO FUN and a yes will come for sure!!

Idea #40, 41: Go to the library and buy an old thick book or children’s book. Either write your message in the middle of the thick book with colored sharpees, cut out a box inside the book with an X-acto knife or write your own children’s story from the children’s book asking to prom. Have it wrapped and delivered to your guest.

Idea # 42: Go to Wallmart or the dollar store and purchase a pillow case. Put thick newspaper in between and using Sharpee Markers (permanent) write a clever poem or lyric to a song asking to Prom. Arrange with your guests parent to have the pillow case on their bed. Put your name on the back.  This is cool because it is a keep sake. If the date goes bad the person can burn the case, if not they can continue to have sweet dreams about you…

Idea #43: In old carnivals there used to be balloons stapled on a board. For fun we would take darts to try to pop the balloons. You can create your own carnival dart game with your invite in pieces inside the balloons. To make it really fun you can add shaving cream or paint in the balloon before you blow them up. Be sure to add the darts with the directions. So clever…so fun.  YES I WILL GO!

Idea #44: Paint a message on a sheet and hang it on an overpass for your guest to read while driving.Do not place anything around it that could potentially fall on drivers. Use Duct tape

Idea #45: Write Prom using sparklers and take a picture with a camera. Place sparklers in a baked item and place with the lighted message. Knock at her door…

Idea #46: The old fashioned serenade at the window usually works. Dress up and bring your tambourine, or ukulele.

Idea #47: Do you know anyone who performs magic pretty well. Incorporate your invite to be written on that card that was magically left in the hand when all were slapped away.

Idea #48: Pizza Delivery always works great, especially if your guest loves Pizza and is a big eater. Prom in Pepperoni is so awesome!

Idea #49, 50, 51, 52, 53: Are you a foody? Everyone loves to get something in food. Use this to your advantage. Buy one of those tubs of cookie dough from Costco or hand make your own message to give. Create the letters out of the dough for your message. Or bake a bunch of cupcakes and on each one write one letter for your message. Bite letters out of  pretzels, create letters out of cooked spaghetti pasta and then let them dry to write your message. Create an invisible message writing with lemon juice and seeking the answer with milk.

Idea# 54: Make a paper chain that can be as long as you want with your invite at the end.

Idea #55: T’s idea: He enlisted a family who had a row boat and a pond. The girl he asked was fond of the Disney movie,Tangled so he recreated the scene in the movie when all the lanterns were released at the end, while the couple were in the boat. He sang her the song then for a yes she had to release the “lantern” and let it go in the night sky. (The lanterns he bought were so dangerous, starting everything on fire. So he resorted to a white helium balloon as a substitute.) It still worked and she loved it! And she said YES!

Remember, use your imagination and keep it classy.

The end result is convincing this person to GO on the DATE with you!

(If none of these ideas connect to you, check back in my old posts of more prom ideas. Or if you are more established in your relationship, use the heart ideas from the past Valentine’s posts to give you ideas…)


Have Fun!

Stay drug, alcohol, and sex SMART! Remember you have a whole life ahead of you!

Don’t make stupid choices for a one night thrill!

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